rackview Development Plan & Task List


  • Rewrite script/cgi for /etc/eidetic path changes
  • Replace use of SimpleResource with Config::Simple
  • Remove old or STPish stuff from host and host_type tables
  • Finish Database documentation

Current & Upcoming Releases

Release 0.06

  • Add support for per-machine power status indication
  • Make total heat calcs account for whether machine is powered on
  • Move db fields like Max_btu to be $MAX_BTU_FIELD, etc.
  • Allow optional specification of a header.inc and footer.inc to include

Release 0.05

  • (DONE) Finish ewiring to help automate host_to_host connections
  • (DONE) List the U/inch from bottom count along the outside of 2 end racks
  • (DONE) Optionally add horiz lines for open areas of rack
  • (DONE) Provide summary-for-the-page info (for total BTU, etc)
  • (DONE) Move sanity checking to separate functions

Past History

Release 0.04

  • (DONE) Setup ability to generate RPM of package for OSDL use

Release 0.03

  • (DONE) Draw overview lab layout clickable imagemap
  • (DONE) List the rack number above each rack
  • (DONE) Add sums at bottom for BTU & cooling max
  • (DONE) Add warnings for hosts with NULL BTU fields
  • (DONE) Add warnings for physical space collisions
  • (DONE) Add rack numbers top and bottom
  • (DONE) Change rack width to be calculated from real width
  • (DONE) Add a title
  • (DONE) Add load-from-file support for data
  • (DONE) Set up etc config file to use example.dat file by default
  • (DONE) Set up example imagemap & host detail pages
  • (DONE) Create simple product website for rackview
  • (DONE) Write documentation for how-to-use imagemap & example
  • (DONE) Release to Freshmeat

Release 0.02

  • (DONE) Retrieve data from database
  • (DONE) Union for host / host_type tables
  • (DONE) Set up SourceForge account

Release 0.01

  • (DONE) Set up Makefile.PL, INSTALL, README, etc.
  • (DONE) Draw images for hosts
  • (DONE) Draw HTML tables for rack positioning

Release 0.00

  • (DONE) Proof of concept

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